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One time at Church Camp
By Blueflame91
Back in the days of my youth, I was a frequent passenger of the SS Let's go to Church Camp every summer. It was usually a fun experience for me every year, filled with Jesus, swimming, and other fun activities. Of course, there was always the overly emotional, tear jerking endings and false promises that the people who were fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to stay in my cabin made; one of them being "I'll talk to you later!".  Then there is the ever so popular, "I'll call you!" One year, however, I met a person who not only had a huge influence on me as a person, but has also been one of the best friends I have ever had. I think it's the closest thing to Divine Intervention I have ever experienced, and I'm so glad it happened.
It was the year 2005; I was fresh out of the eighth grade. When I stepped out of my parents car after I arrived at the camp, it seemed like what happened every year. Stand in line for about a million hours to get
:iconblueflame91:Blueflame91 2 30
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IDD - SE - The Setup
As the Inter-dimensional Derby entered post season media coverage, the racers who had not yet left the inter-dimensional port city of Garage finally some it to relax before they make their final departure to their home dimensions. Some will reflect on this event as life lessons, others will find new worlds to see, and others hope they can realize their true destiny in this world…
In the dimension of Omerta, the Gorgran Team is now starting to feel the pressure from their superiors seeing their efforts seem to have been wasted on a “failed” project. Isaiah, just recently be disgraced and mocked by said superiors, stormed back the Gorgran Team lab, his mind clouded by hatred and his own ego. It was suppose to be HIS crowning moment, HIS ticket to more power. His mind began to race about how what would happen to him and all that he had achieved, forever in Gred History he would be mocked as the greatest failure of all time.
Upon entering the lab he noticed that Jeremiah and
:iconjosukex:josukeX 2 2
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*sidles in*

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 19, 2012, 3:36 PM
  • Listening to: Lanayru Mining Facility Theme
  • Reading: The Gathering Storm
  • Watching: Dexter
  • Eating: grilled cheese
  • Drinking: soda
So I feel as though I owe everybody an apology for pretty much vanishing from this corner of the internet for a good amount of time.  I finally logged back in today to an inbox full of friends telling me how much I was missed.  You guys are sweet and awesome and wonderful and I'm really incredibly sorry if it seemed like I was avoiding you; I promise I wasn't.

I don't tend to talk about my personal emotional problems on the internet, but the short story is I was going through some stressful times and and I needed to drop a bunch of the fun stuff so I could get the scary stuff under control.  It's all good now.  :)

To those of you who I owed art requests: feel free to get in touch with me.  It's been a long time and my art style has changed a ton in the interim, but if you're still interested I'm still willing.

(fair warning:  gratuitous fanart dump incoming)


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